Monday, January 19, 2009

The Truth....the "REAL" truth, like the fattening stuff.

Okay so I had a random thought the other day, I wrote it down but I thought I would share it with the you, my loyal subjects/slaves (in my head I totally own you all in the Kingdom of AWESOME!). Any who, this thought was inspired my Yes Man!, (and an episode of Charmed) what if everyone was forced to tell the truth every time a question was asked. The first and honest answer just came flying out of their mouth. This, I think, would cause many problems....for example.

Mr.Terrell- How are you today Colt?

Me- *$&! - off old man!

Mr. Terrell- What did you just say?

Me- Damn it!!!


Mr. Davis- Melany whats the answer to question 46?

Melany- *$&! double block math!

Class- GASP!!!!

See what I mean, this would land many of us in quite a jam. But it would also be a great time to diabolically mess with people!...for example.

Me- SK why are you such a bitch?

SK- Because I am completely insecure, and like to make other peoples lives miserable! (gasp!)

Me- Thank you, that explains a lot!

But for reals, wouldn't that be fun!-Colt


  1. Haha, it that's totally true.

    And I would totally do that.

    I love you!