Friday, January 30, 2009

Last Dance with Mary Jane :(

WTF!!!!! So in One Act they decided to cut out the word marijuana from the script. Its not even offensive or vulgar. I can understand cutting out the naughty words and stuff, I am not expecting them to let me say "rat's ass", or "adultery" but whatever! All these conservative crazies and just go fly a kite...or something! Oh how I will miss you sweet dirty words with your raw emotions and shocked expressions you give. *sigh*

Any who...for those of you who don't know, I got in a fight with my boss last week. She insulted my intelligence and I asked to discuss it with her and she got crunck! Stupid bitch! She started yelling at me for something totally unrelated and I sat there patiently listening to her....and then I yelled right back at that stupid whore! She told me I needed to grow up and I was like oh yeah? (insert feminine head bob here) "Your 54 you grow up." Then I went inside and screamed, IRANIAN C*@!" so loud that my other boss, the one I love, heard me and came to console me. Saying all of that, I had to have a meeting with them yesterday about the situation and although we pretty much agreed to disagree and settled the situation, I am still there! This ordeal just brought my other boss Miss. J, and I closer together. Any ways here are a few "Final Thoughts".
Free love,
Free speech,
Never trust a Girl Scout

Never believe your dreams when you mind is magically linked to a dark wizard.

The End-Colt


  1. I don't like either one of your bosses. Lacey still hasn't gotten her last pay check.

  2. lol...this made me laugh...

    "IRANIAN C*@!"

  3. Hells yeah! I would have loved to see you yell at her.