Sunday, January 18, 2009

My "Hump Train" got derailed!!!

So Winter Formal this year was a complete bust. My usual bump and grind was slammed to a complete halt. I felt like I was in fricking Footloose, but instead of going wild in crazy with my fellow choreographed peers, I was stuck in a dance of old people! It was almost like they were afraid to dance for fear that God in all of His smiting glory would come down and damn them to an afterlife of hellfire and brimstone. Where in the Bible does it say, "Thou Shall Not Dance, For The Devil is in the Foot-work!" The thing that annoyed me the most though, was the staring. Usually I dont mind showing off, it's fun for me. But if only one guy and one girl are dancing and everyone else is staring, things get a little awkward. You start worrying about weither or not you look good while dancing or if they are secretly laughing at you, insecurities tend to bring down my party mood. The DJ wasn't helpful either, he hadn't heard of half of the things I requested and when asked to refrain from constantly playing stupid ass country music; he told me he had to appease everyone. WTF!!! Appease everyone, how is playing 20 country songs and 4 dance/hip hop/rock songs "appeasing" everyone!
On a lighter note, Maggie got to come to Abilene with us! Abilene is where the fun actually began. We sadly didn't fulfill the tradition of eating at IHOP seeing as it was completly full of un-formal douche bags, but we ate at Denny's instead. The food was actually better, and we laughed an obscene amount. Espeacially Jacob, for 10 minutes he had to keep his head down in order to abstain from laughing. He really couldn't look at me for more than a second or he would bust out in laughter. He got revenge though as we were leaving, I had just ordered and drink and was in a hurry to finish it when he said " Wow, you sure can suck." I lost it and my drink was spit out on to the table. Any way Winter Formal = Lame, Denny's = AWESOME!!! End of story.-Colt


  1. Whoo! Yay for Colt and figuring a out a way that I could go with y'all!

    You forgot the part when you were like, "You could have let me swallow!" Hahahaha, that was the best part of the night.


  2. Hahahahaha... oh, I loved it.

    Haha, "You could have let me swallow!"

  3. Haha, they told me that story in Pre Cal, haha.
    Oh, I love you Colt.
    Maybe it will be a better time at prom, less freshman and sophomores, not that I don't like them they just stand there...the whole time.