Friday, January 16, 2009

Act 1- Why some people suck; an introduction in bitch major.

Since high school life as I know it is slowly coming to an end, I have deemed it necessary for me to make my complaints, trials and tribulations about my life public. Not that my life is so terribly difficult, but people in it really can become quite an annoyance. For example, certain boy who I have very little Patience for, JP. Granted I only have him in one class, but in that short time he does a very efficient job of annoying the crap out of me. He is like that fly in your car that you roll all your windows down for hoping they will get the hint that you have had your fill of pointless buzzing, that maybe they will fly away to never enter the vehicle of your life again. But when you finally roll your windows up thinking the pest has gonna, its not. Its back with vengeance with more buzzing than before. One of these days I am gonna take a fly swatter to his head and beat him until he has stopped moving...or they call the cops, whatever comes first. And if JP wasn't annoying enough, couple that with the sounds of AP Calculus, has taught by the amazingly anesthetic of Mr. Davis, and you have my first class of the day ( aka Doodle Time). I really just don't understand Mr.D's teaching style, how the hell am I suppose to understand what the hell is going on if all you do is read from the fricking book! If I wanted Calculus the Audio Book, I'd have bought the damn thing. On another note I am now very, very late for newspaper so I am gonna have to complain about stupid people later, or maybe the next post will be about kittens and rainbows because I terminated JP with my Schwarzenegger-sized fly swatter...maybe.-Colt

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  1. Hahaha, I doubt anyone would call the cops seeing as it's him.We'd watch, point and laugh, and then help you dispose of the body. :)