Monday, January 26, 2009

Cookies Vs. Popcorn a battle of epic porportions!!!!

At this moment in time, I am suppose to be studying Calculus, but who needs Calculus. Honestly, who the hell uses Calculus! When will it ever be appropriate for me to know the extrema, limit or...other random Cal term...of a graph! So, instead I have decided to write another post.
When I was a wee little Colt, I was a Cub Scout. A cub scout is in the lower echelons of Boy Scout-dom, a feeding pool that leads right into the belly of Boy Scouting. As with any Scout, I had to sell popcorn for various, mysterious reason unbeknown to my tiny 4th grade self. The Scouts could have been raising money for global domination, terrorist activity, stock in Microsoft, a pony! I didn't care because the more popcorn I sold, the more useless/cool prizes I got! You know the crap you can buy at Dollar General with the only difference being a Cub Scout logo slapped on it. Those were the good ol' days when I could be easily satisfied with a portably FM radio *sigh* , now my demands are much more costly. Any who...back to the point, as a Boy Scout in training, I felt that my mortal enemy was of course the Girl Scouts. This notion was made ever more prevailant during popcorn season when the Girl's cookie selling came into full swing. Every time I tried to pettle my carmal crunch goodies, I would always be shot down by "No thanks, I already bought Girl Scout cookies." WTF!!! You can't have cookies and popcorn! My guess was that that the two snack foods were at war with each other and the Girl and Boy scouts were but pawns in thier hands. I was totally cool with being a pawn for popcorn if it meant I got cool/dumb prizes. So in my head I pictured this epic battle were giant cookies collided with gargantuan tins of popcorn. Lightening and thunder rang through out the sky and fallen thin mints and popcorn littered the ground. It actually looked something like this.....

POPCORN FOREVA!!!!....although thin mints are delicious.-Colt


  1. ... a pony!

    Hahaha. You're hilarious.

  2. Mmm... Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties are the best... I have a box stashed away in my room. But don't worry Colt. We support both scouts. We have tons of boxes of popcorn too... They have just been there for a couple of years... But we bought. :-)