Wednesday, February 9, 2011

off with your head, dance 'til you're dead...

Wow, day 3 of blogging, its like I'm on a roll or something. So there is this thorn in my side. Her name is...well lets not get into that, we'll just call her Suck. Any who, Suck has been terrorizing me for....well since the begining of this year. Suck is weak, a weak individual who has made it her mission in life to ruin all my fun. You see, here at BU I have a posse. A gang of of sorts. Suck has found that my little group of amigos is some how threating her well being and she must do everything in her power to make all of our fun fly out the window. You see there is no happiness around Suck, only rot and decay. Now, I am not saying our loathsome friend, Suck, is a bitch, no quite the opposite, if she were a bitch I would probably like her more for it; but instead she is unbearably submissive, autophobic nuissance that wont seem to go away. So, as Queen Bitch I say....
Alright, now that that is out of the way. What else can I talk about? I mean you're already here, why not ramble a bit. I feel the need to dress up a bit today. To take a risk and be a little strange, but I have yet to decide how. Brooch perhaps, vest or scarf; the possiblities for fashion oddities and absolute fabulousness is a little frightening. The need to be eccentric is sometimes overwhelming.

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