Sunday, April 19, 2009

When life gives me lemons...I throw them at people and demand a Gold Star Award!!!

Okay so I know this is kinds old but I started it and forgot about it, and I have been really frickin' busy so if your gonna leave a comment about how this was over a week ago and I need to keep my damn blog relevant to current happenings and so on!....(gasp for breath)....then you can just suck it. Now back to your regular blog viewing.

So ILPC has come to a close. This for me means newspaper is slowly but surely coming to an end.

There will be no more stories.

No more procrastinating while I talk to Mary, Melany, Maggie or any random member of the Yearbook staff.

No longer will I get to hear and speak the hot gossip that will never make it into the paper (but is really fun to talk about any ways).

No longer will I be able to fight and argue with Mr. Lucas, getting my way through much careful negotiation (mainly I resort to holding my breath until I get what I want, oh he says he doesn't care if I die but he eventual remembers that a dead student will get him fired). *SIGH* I am gonna miss that.

Any ways, on to more chipper topics, WE TOTALLY FRICKIN WON A GOLD STAR!!!! One of like only 5 school ranging from 1A to 5A are picked and we kicked a whole lotta ass to get that award and I am damn proud!
The star award makes all other awards pale in comparison, so I am not to upset that the St. Marks School for Young Homosexuals (really its boys but they made me they did a sex and condom story...I mean really your and all BOYS school, who are you gonna bang! Unless thier happens to be a St. Mary Margart James Francis School for Loose Hussies near by, or a whore house, I don't see how they could possibly get laid!...but I digress back to the story) and Westlake Academy of....well I have nothing so I am going with a classic...Westlake Academy of Dick Holes (yeah that works) beat us out of like every Tops in Texas award!

On a happier note, we ate at P.F. Changs which was frickin amazing! It makes all other chinese food pale in comparison! And after that religous experience we had a crazy wild dance party in Melany and Husmann's room with Maggie and Emily for a brief awkward moment and I think Half-Breed aka Ronnie got thrown in there some where, idk? Anywayzzz we pasted out shortly after that and went back to the UT campus to find out we won the Gold Star...which was AWESOME!...and we headed home.
The ride home was pretty boring except for the crazy picture orgy at the end...that was some good picture orgy!


  1. ILPC=The shiz!

    Hahaha... young homosexuals.

  2. Hahahahaha, Colt. I'm going to miss you SO MUCH next year! Newspaper won't feel right without you! School won't feel right without you! LIFE won't feel right without you. *sigh*

    I love you, Colt. :)