Sunday, February 1, 2009

My mom thought I was the really

So for English I have been working on this research paper involving witches, pagan peoples, their maybe faeries (not the gays) in the near future, idk its a work in progress ya know.Any how, I have some books for research, because its a research paper, my mom found these and liked freaked out! She was like "are you a, a...warlock! are you denouncing Christianity!" I was like no mom calm down, and immediately had to show her my work, notes and such. Any who I don't know why she would immediately jump to, "omg! Warlock!", before calling me. Do I look like some goth kid who has issues! I am like the Mr.Happy, hell I am the king of Happyshire, the emperor of the world of Happy! I can't imagine what went through her head...probably something like this...

and then I imagine she fainted....

I wonder if thoughts of like Voldemort 0r the Wicked Witch of the West flashed through her mind. Any who, Everything is settled now, I am not a demon child and my mom knows it. The end...or is it, BUM BUM really it's over.-Colt


  1. Dear Colt,

    You're funny and I love you.


  2. "are you a, a...warlock!"


  3. Your mother doesn't wear clothes. Hahaha.

    P.S.-I love you and hate Melany. :-)